You can invest a lot of money in security – and you should do so nowadays to protect the company’s data. By using the right technique great damage can be avoided: extortion, loss of reputation and and and …

But the biggest problem are still the people working with the data. When employees are not aware of the responsibility they have in handling the company’s data, even the best firewall does not help.

I have developed a workshop on this topic that covers the following topics:

  • The purpose of the Internet, a brief review of the development of recent years
    Advantages of the technology
  • Disadvantages and problems
  • Hacking methods
  • Short „Live Hacking“ – here is shown what an attacker with a hacked PC can do all this
  • Social engineering
  • Protection of data

and much more!

In addition to the theoretical part, there are also „hands-on actions“ – for example: the spam mail quiz

And there are practical tips on how to better protect oneself (in the company or at home) from internet threats.

It usually takes a day and is deliberately made entertaining to have the full attention of the listener all the time. It is aimed at ALL employees who are dealing with computer technology in the companies, also and especially „normal users“. Special IT skills are not required.

My recent experience has shown that employees behaved differently after attending the training. There were also subsequent inquiries in the company’s in-house IT because unusual observations were made.