Sites Tree Limitations

This topic is discussed heavily on trainings again and again – in advance the info: there is no perfect solution for this!

The Sites Tree can be built very specific to the needs of your company – Groups / Service & Application Objects. By using multiple application objects, an application can be split up and administratively separated.

At the group level, you can specify whether everything below the group is in „Simulation“ or „Active Mode“.

Now students and customer frequently ask the question: how can we explicitly define a newly created application, e.g. operate in „Simulation Mode“ while the others remain in „Active Mode“.

The answer: Unfortunately, this is not possible, it can not be separated. You can not create a second group object either, because the IP address would be the same – this does not allow the system.

The only (unfortunately somewhat inconvenient) possibility:  Disable all policies on the application level. The policies are also displayed in the Sites Tree and can be easily selected from there.

Unfortunately, I have not found a better solution so far! I talked to Imperva Engineers about it (since 2015…) they all think it’s a good idea, but there is no change since then.