Having spent more than 3 years working as an IT Security Engineer at Imperva, I have gained extensive knowledge of Imperva products.
I am happy to provide your company with this knowledge!
Here is a customer reference (customer name is not mentioned on request of the customer):


“We are a company with 1200 employees worldwide and active in the financial sector. Mr. Schmitz has provided training for the Web Application Firewall (Imperva) in our house and supports us with all support requests for the web application firewall and security topics.
We got to know H. Schmitz as a dedicated, reliable and competent partner. He answered all our questions promptly and in detail and proved to be a patient contact. “


“We are a leading system integrator and managed service provider in Germany. In some projects, we use Imperva’s market-leading products. For larger operations at the customer (upgrades, system conversion, hardware replacement) but also for general SecureSphere reviews and trainings, we engage Mr. Schmitz as an external consultant, who will solve the upcoming tasks quickly and efficiently with his specialized knowledge. Mr. Schmitz is certified for the entire Imperva product range and has extensive project experience in this area.”